A hundred thousand welcomes

The Transport and Society Network is currently under re-organization and is expected to be re-formed June 2016 under the auspices of the Hossack Institute of Highland History.

A hundred thousand hopes

On May 25th 2016, Gordon Murray Hossack died from pancreatic cancer. Gordon only received his diagnosis in late April and had been intending to develop web pages for this site on his planned visit to Inverness in June. Instead web pages in his honour will be developed in July.

A hundred thousand memories and parting kisses

Meanwhile some opening pages for the Hossack Institute of Highland History are provided.

  • The Hossack Institute of Highland History
  • The ferryman's tale
  • Wells, water and lucky stones
  • Inclusive heritage and tourism practice
  • The building work necessary to support the Hossack Institute of Highland History has now been undertaken. In this coming year the Internet materials which will form an important element of the Institute will be rolled out.

    Professor Emeritus Margaret Grieco, D.Phil.(Oxon.), Hossack Institute of Highland History, Inverness